Help with importing to Joplin FROM Obsidian

Version: 2.8.8
OS: Windows 10 (Auto-updating)

This is definitely going to be a weird request, and it's a total edge case, but any insight or help would be appreciated.

A couple of months ago, I found out about Obsidian (a similar kind of app), so I thought I would check it out. Rather than creating a new data set, I went through a bunch of painful steps to import my existing collection of notes into Obsidian, more-or-less successfully. It was a lot of pandoc and batch scripting.

I then did a bunch of work to add tags, associate notes, and created new notes and edited existing notes, to see how it worked, etc. During this time, I was also using Joplin a little bit (it's easy enough to capture those differences and bring them back in).

Ultimately, I'm not totally happy with Obsidian (for one, it's too heavy and opens WAY too slowly for how quickly I need to capture things), so I wanted to go back to Joplin.

A lot of preamble-- sorry.

So, Obsidian uses a filesystem directory tree to represent the "inside" structure 1:1 (each folder in Obsidian = 1 folder in filesystem). Additionally, the notes are stored in files that are titled with the title of the note (with forbidden characters squashed lossy-- another reason to get away).

In Joplin, I can use the Import Markdown on Obsidian's directory, but the one without frontmatter imports everything, but appears to break all connections to attachments (images, etc.). The one WITH frontmatter will adopt the correct note title ONLY when the title is in the frontmatter, otherwise, the note is "Untitled".

There is no other export/import pair common between the two programs.

Someone smarter than me may have an idea of a way of doing this readily.

So far, aside from what's described above, I also tried doing BOTH types of import into the same profile in Joplin, hoping one would complement the other, but I only wound up with two near-identical roots+trees, but one with lots of "Untitled" but with attachments, and one without attachments, but good titles.

The most-straightforward solution I see is to just push frontmatter into every single note, based on the filename, and then use the frontmatter import (that seems to properly handle attachments). This would be much simpler if Joplin also used this kind of files-as-notes structure-- but then I wouldn't be switching back to Joplin. Do you know how many note titles I end with a question mark?!


I am currently developing a universal book, blog, wiki converter, it support joplin and obsidian, but currently in early development

github: mami/packages/plugin-obsidian at master · rxliuli/mami · GitHub


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