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First, I want to leave a thank you very much for joplin, I have been using this as my main note app for quite a while (I had another account here a while back, but I lost it so this is a new one)

I instaled joplin on my company's macbook today, and since I have firewal on (which I dont use on my linux machine), I noticed some requests I wouldnt expect when starting the app. I tried to look for information on requests made by the app but couldn't find anything about this, would appreciate to know why they are being made:

-  (
- 2803:f800:53::3
- (
- (

I didnt look to deep into the requests themselves yet because I imagined someone here would already know what they are about, and hopefully what I can do to have no requests at all when using the app (besides blocking with the firewal).

Im not a fan of having the app I use for personal notes making connections to the outside world, and honestly just feels like way to many different requests for a desktop app dealing with personal data. If there is a way to make it radio silent except by my explicit request I would apreciate (like when syncing or looking for plugins), or at least some information on what third parties are we communicating and leaking metadata to when using the app I would be happy to hear

PS: I have no plugins enabled, and I have been blocking the requests (so maybe some are retries from service that was blocked? idk)


It's all there: Joplin Privacy Policy | Joplin

In your case it's because your network blocked the initial request to fetch the plugin list, so other mirrors were tried.

The code that tries to find a working mirror (and thus the list of mirrors) can be found here.

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