You had forgotten to erase both with the notes, the resources

Bug Report

When you delete the notes in Joplin, Ubuntu, the notes resources are still been kept both on Server, and Desktop

As there is no way to delete these resources from a Joplin Cloud, so, you become unable to sync your notes between a different devices

Because you get over time, too many items to sync

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What are your note history settings? If anything > 0 then they will remain until that time has elapsed in order to restore previous versions.

Nope, the problem is something else

When you delete the notes, the notes resources aren't deleted both with them. This shouldn't really do anything with a note history settings,

Since, you merely can't delete the notes, both with their resources

So you get over time, say, 100 notes, and 10,000 unattached to anything resources

This shouldn't really do anything with a note history settings

It has everything to do with note history settings. If you have hisory on then even if the note itself has been deleted the revisions remain in the database to allow for recovery. If those notes have associated resources then they will not be deleted.

If you have note history set to 0 and delete a note then it will (I think after a short time span) delete the note, all of its revisions (if it had any) and its resources.

If you have proof that it is not behaving in the above manner then it sounds like an actual issue to be investigated.

Ah, Okay

Just to note, that I had tried then to set a Note History to Zero, yet all previously saved revisions, had been kept intact, even all notes had been already deleted

I think there is a tidy up routine or something similar (please somebody correct me if I'm talking out my behind) that should clear up the unused resources on a schedule.

Otherwise there are utilities out there that can help identify and clear up any missing resources (Joplin Vacuum - A Python script to remove orphaned resources)


Just one last question. If I finally delete a note, I had seen no option in Joplin Interface to restore it later

Never the less, thank you fro the Script Link

I wrote a small guide on the topic - ultimately it is still better to have a proper backup rather than relying on this as the process is fiddly.

Thank You!

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