Sync reports having deleted stuff when it shouldn't

Joplin version 1.0.239 on Android 7.0.

When I sync, it shows that it’s deleted 3 things.

However there’s nothing for it to be deleting. Also, my notes appear to all be there properly, nothing missing or otherwise seeming to have been deleted.

Screenshot of log:

Not sure what is happening here.

Maybe some old resources that were no longer associated with any note? What was “Total resources” in the log before the deletion?

I don’t know. Just tried scrolling back to before where I posted about, but it scrolled so slowly that I gave up.

Next time I see it do that I’ll make a point to check. Thanks for the guidance.

I’ve been using my notes like usual, so there are typical changes. And I’ve been making a point to use the mobile version & watch for it to say ‘Deleted…’ like it did, but it hasn’t. I only ever see it now ‘Updated local items’.

I can’t recall what might have been different that time where I saw the ‘Deleting…’ like I posted about here.