WYSIWYG Stability

Hej everyone,

I just would like to know how stable is the WYSIWYG. I know that it is still experimental, so that is why I ask.

Thanks a lot!!

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To me, it's not very stable just yet. I tried it a few times, but there are a few "scary" things about it. For example, on one occastion the new edtor butchered one of my notes. I didn't think it was a big deal, until I found out I couldn't go back to the previous version like you can with the markdown editor. Sure, it tells you that there is a previous version and will restore it, but then you'll find out it's actually the version from AFTER you switched to the new editor (and that ate your note to start with). Luckily I could quickly copy back an unsynced copy which prevented me from having to restore a full backup, but I won't use this editor until that is sorted.

Your mileage may vary though so don't take my example as gospel :slight_smile:


There are markdown elements (plugins) that are not compatible with the wysiwyg editor. So switching between those editors can screw up your notes.

However, if you are only using the wysiwyg editor, you won't have that problem.

AFAIK the WYSIWYG editor was added for people who don't want to use markdown, so why would they all of a sudden switch editors on a daily basis?

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@tessus I hope I'm not derailing this thread here but I wasn't talking about switching on a daily basis... I'm talking about the editor crippling a note after I switched. I couldn't go back to the uncrippeled version... so I had to copy back in the old version from the pre-wysiwyg version.

Until the editor won't cripple existing notes without a way to undo that, I switched back to markdown until further notice, haha.

Again, not sure that would happen with you @pbaesse, just wanted to say it's definitely not stable enough for me yet - it might be just fine for you :smiley:


No, you are not derailing the thread.

I think that there will never be a 100% match between markdown and wysiwyg when you switch. But I might be wrong.
What I was trying to convey is that you are not supposed to switch between the editors. You set the editor you want to use and stick with it. At least that is what I thought was the idea for the wysiwyg editor. But I might be wrong with that as well.

People complained that there was no wysiwyg editor. Thus Laurent added one. The people who hate/don't like markdown or the split editor/viewer system will not switch back to markdown. Why would they? They don't like markdown in the first place.

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You're never wrong :smiley: All jokes aside though, yes I'd love to the the wysiwyg editor permanently... I'm definitely one of the people with no interest in markdown. But my point was it's not stable enough just yet to switch... as long as it has the ability to cripple a note, I can't switch. However as soon as it works reliably enough, wild horses won't be able to drag me back to markdown lol!

My point is no notes will be crippled when you use the wysiwyg editor exclusively.

Unless there's a bug that destroys notes (without switching between markdown/wysiwyg).

Yes, the latter - it crippled a note just by switching. But then again that happened in the early days of the editor and things may have improved since then. I think I may switch back to the editor again and see what happens :slight_smile:

Tell me something: once you switch, does the new editor keep track of all changes that happen after the switch (the 90 days undo feature, I mean)?

When you do not switch, there won't be any problems. That is when you use Joplin with the WYSIWYG editor and never touch the markdown editor. So there will be no switching, thus no crippled notes.

You already have markdown notes. So you will have to switch once. People that do not have any markdown notes and are new users of Joplin and only use the WYSIWYG editor do not have that problem.

Unless there's a bug that destroys notes (without switching between markdown/wysiwyg).

AFAIK there is no bug that destroys notes when you use the WYSIWYG editor exclusively. Your problem is when switching from markdown to wysiwyg. I'm not talking about that.

does the new editor keep track of all changes that happen after the switch (the 90 days undo feature, I mean)?

I don't know. I even removed the button from the UI, since I don't care for the wysiwyg editor. Laurent would know the answer to your question. But I would imagine so. The note history isn't bound to the editor, but the note, so the history should always be available.

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Haha ok, thanks tessus :slight_smile: My problem (if you can call it that) might also be that a lot of my notes are web clippings, which seem to follow rules of their own.

For now I'm getting used to the markdown editor so I think I'll leave it for a while... and let others do the ironing out of bugs, heh.

Thanks again for explaning and apologies @pbaesse for almost hijacking your thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: @tessus to answer my own question: the wysiwyg editor does not keep note changes. I switched to the editor and made a few changes to some notes. When I looked at the history, it mentioned "you have no note history". So that in itself is definitely reason enough not to use this editor just yet - I definitely need the note history feature!

Ok, I never thought of that. This is certainly a problem. I'm not sure what would be a good solution for that.

To answer the OP's question. Regarding the stability of the WYSIWYG editor (Android version) is completely unustable and unusable for me.

If I open a note with no markdown at all, just 3 lines of text as a test. As soon as I tap the note, the cursor will jump around to different lines then it will delete a few characters of the text and crash Joplin almost immediately.

I tried this same test a few months ago in a old version on a different phone and I had the exact same result. I just tried again now and saw the exact same behavior.

I would also like to see feedback from other users, is my result typical or is anyone able to actually use the new editor in any way?

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Works for me as a quick shot, even switching doesn‘t pose any problems. For longform text however, I use Typora as an external Editor, which works like a charm especially with tables!!

Thanks for the tip about Typora. Yes, it works with Joplin very well.

I work in a Windows / Mac / iOS Environment and I am very happy with the Combination