WYSIWYG mode: Images not shown

Version: 1.0.214 Windows

I have some local embedded images that are not shown in WYSIWYG mode:

Markdown editor:


Markdown view:


Any ideas?

In the Help menu, could you open the development tools and inspect the broken tag on the WYSIWYG view?

To do that you would click on the small arrow in the top left corner, and select the image in the viewer. You should then see the <img> tag and its attributes (as below). If you could send a screenshot of it that would be great.

Here it is:

Maybe I should mention that I use the portable edition (sorry for not mentioning that earlier).

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Thanks, at first sight the path seems valid but maybe there’s some encoding issue. I’ll check with the portable app to see if I can replicate the issue


I have seen this with the portable version. I have previously reported that image linking does not seem to work in the portable version (at least I cannot get it to work :slight_smile: )

Actually this has been happening for me since 1.0.194 however only just realised that this does not appear to affect the installed desktop version.


Don’t know if this will help but this GitHub post has screenshots I took as I tested the portable version and found it appeared to modify links to full, but non-working, paths.

I have the same issue with the portable Windows Version 1.0.216
I use
<img src=:/3318be9563a44fcc954e13e25610c476>
as a work arround. This works in MD- and WYSIWYG-view