Display images correctly with markdown export

I started to use Joplin for a couple of days and I like it so far!

There is one issue I aware of: when exporting the notes into Markdown format, the images will be exported in _resource folder at the root level, but in the notes, the image paths are still shown like :/[image id]. If the paths can be changed to ../_resource/[image id].png then they can be displayed correctly. I hope this can be resolved so I will feel safe to start to put more things in because I know the export function works well. :slight_smile:


See here for the issue: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/815

Actually images should be exported as images, with extension. Is it not happening for you in the latest version?

I may not describe correctly for my request.

The images are exported correctly as images with extension. What I mean is for the image links within Markdown files, they are ![image name](:/[image id]), not ![image name](…/_resource/[image id].png). So after export, the images won’t display correctly in the markdown files and we need to manual fix it.

Sep 30, 2018, 12:34 PM by cozic@discoursemail.com:

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I am using the desktop app on two Windows PCs and the Android app, all synced using Dropbox, and exactly the same is happening for me. (No encryption enabled)
Update: I tried the whole sync step using a file system which points to my dropbox folder instead of using the Dropbox feature directly, and now the sync works perfectly. Also the images are correctly linked now. :slight_smile:

Ok I see what you mean. I’m curious though is there a Markdown editor that can display images in relative paths like this?

Yep, why not?

For example, Typora. In the below screenshot, the left-hand side is the original note in Joplin and the right-hand side is the exported file in Typora after I changed to use relative paths.


Ok it makes sense - I’ve added an issue for it on GitHub Display images correctly with markdown export

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When notes are synched into Nextcloud, images get stored in the (hidden) ressources folder. But as they lack their file extension, Nextcloud cannot display them (it would try to download them as “bin” instead)

And still: as there is no link to the ressources folder in the original note, the image is unreachable from there too. It looks easy to fix: please add extension (e.g. .jpeg or png) and the relative path and it should work.

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