Wrong AppImage file for v1.0.216?

I am trying to update Joplin on Ubuntu using “Joplin_install_and_update.sh” script. All looks good, my 1.0.205 version is detected, and version 1.0.216 is downloaded and installed, but at the end, I am still running 1.0.205.
I downloaded the file manually (Joplin-1.0.216.AppImage) but still 1.0.205 and same file size as 205…
Can you check please ?

I've not suffered this myself but did recall the below post.

Does anything there help?

Yes, I was wrong about file size (I tried in a VM). So I am running 1.0.216, but About window still display 1.0.201.
Will check after a reboot, and update here.

Please stop Joplin before upgrading.

I suspect that it was still running and starting the new version only brought the existing running app to the foreground.

Argh ! No need to reboot, you are right : I am on Ubuntu, I “Quit” Joplin on the sidebar icon, but forgot the one in the top bar… So Joplin was still running in the background. My fault ! Sorry.
Thank you for your help.