Appimage version incorrect

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.14.20 (prod,linux)

Sync target


What issue do you have?

the appimage is labeled 3.0.12
but when its installed it installs 2.14.20
I have upgraded from the app "help->check for updates->download" and run the appimage, and I have also run the install/upgrade script as recommended.
The script says joplin 3.0.12 in installed, but opening it "help->about" says its still 2.14.20. Looking at the script, it is just installing the appimage, so I think the appimage is still the old image.
I am installing this on Linux Mint.

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The script is definitely grabbing 3.0.12 - wget -qO - "" | grep -Po '"tag_name": ?"v\K.*?(?=")')

It isn't just the case that Joplin is running in the background and running the new appimage is just launching it again? Can you make sure you check for any existing Joplin processes or restart the computer then try running the 3.0.12 appimage again?

The 3.0.12 appimage definitely has the 3.0.12 version within it. First hand experience.

Ensure you are launching the right appimage.

And make sure that you have fully quit Joplin after the new AppImage is installed. It may be installed but it does not take over until after the old running version has been quit and the new version started.