Desktop app version issue?

The latest release of Joplin (1.0.201) , as well as the previous one (1.0.200) show the version as 1.0.195 in the “About” section. I also cannot see the new theme that should have been added in 1.0.199. Could someone please verify this? If its not an issue with the release, what might be the issue on my side?

it looks like you don’t launch the right version
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I’ve completely deleted the old appimage as well as its config directory and reinstalled the appimage. Still facing the same issue. What else can I try?

how do you start joplin ?

I usually start it via an alias (on Linux). I’ve also tried clicking on the icon in my file browser.

at first, i will go to the folder where the image is located and enter


I think I figured out the issue. When a new version releases, I generally rename it to just “Joplin.AppImage”, to remain compatible with my alias. However, it appears that the appimage launcher caches the previous appimage of the same name, which is launched when the alias is called.
For future reference, if the appimage is integrated using appimage launcher, it must be uninstalled using the context menu before renaming a new version the same.
Thanks for your help @foxmask !