Windows speech recognition breaks Joplin

Joplin 1.2.6 (prod, win32)
Windows 10

Hello, I'm having a lot of trouble using windows speech recognition in Joplin. I have bad wrists and need to use it pretty frequently. Speech recognition does not recognize the markdown editor as a text editor, and does not allow for smooth dictation. This can be worked around by using some other external editor like notepad. However, the real problem is trying to navigate. Trying to click on links I've made in notes, such as in a table of contents, never seems to work and always seems to crash Joplin.

There are two main methods: saying "show numbers" and clickable things get a little rectangle with a number to say. Trying to say the number associated with an in-note link results in joplin crashing. The other method is saying the link title and having speech recogition find that link and click it. same thing happens. The method using the mouse cursor, "mousegrid" and narrowing down a coordinate in smaller 3x3 grids, is the only method that works, but is Extremely tedious.

Additionally, the settings menu is not navigatable by numbers or saying a section title. The main joplin area can be navigated, saying toggle will click the toggle button, saying a notebook or note will open that note, but joplin crashes when trying to click something within a note, and flat out doesnt respond when trying to interact with things in settings. (except for mousegrid, but again that is a horrible experience)

does anyone know if theres a fix for this or a workaround? I already have to dictate some keyboard shortcuts, is there another option than just using mousegrid? Is this a bug i need to make a github account for?

Sorry for getting to this so late.
Thank you for being detailed and clear about what the issues are, I'd love to help you get these fixed.

First of all, it would be great if you could install the latest version of Joplin (v1.7.11). That way we can know exactly which of these problems are still around. You can install the latest version from here. Because your Joplin version is fairly out of date, it's a good idea to make a backup before upgrading, you can make a backup by going File -> Export All -> JEX.

The update fixed clicking links in notes, now both numbers and saying the title of the link will work! Thank you so much! i had forgotten that i need to manually check for updates (or just dont know how to set that up)
I'm still getting some issues with the settings page though.
Show numbers now works on the settings page, but im unable to speak any words, like "encryption" to open the encryption tab. Generally when saying a number and selecting something via that method, speech recognition will prompt me to instead say whatever text that element is titled. I dont get a prompt like that after number-selecting something in settings.

so it's workable, but something is still off

thanks again!

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