Windows file system sync

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.13.9 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 6dfa58a39d314a95b682a41d66f1960f
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 1bbec44

Sync target

File system

What issue do you have?

Just trying to get synchronization started. To local file system, a regular windows path.
Console shows:

C:\Program Files\Jop…\dist\Logger.js:213 23:33:02: Could not initialise synchroniser:
C:\Program Files\Jop…\dist\Logger.js:213 23:33:02: Error: Error: Path contains invalid characters: ‪D:\Databases\Joplin. Path: ‪D:\Databases\Joplin
at FileApiDriverLocal.fsErrorToJsError_ (C:\Program Files\Jop…iver-local.js:20:18)
at FileApiDriverLocal.mkdir (C:\Program Files\Jop…ver-local.js:121:15)
at async SyncTargetFilesystem.initFileApi (C:\Program Files\Jop…tFilesystem.js:35:3)


joplin sync.png

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