Windows Dark Title Bar

Hello, I was looking to pick up a good first issue and landed on this one: In windows dark mode window title bar is white · Issue #4971 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I also see it was mentioned here previously in the forums:

So I did some digging. It looks like Electron does have a fix for this issue, as long as we do not use a prebuilt version, as it is an optional flag in the build process:
enable_win_dark_mode_window_ui to true in buildflags/buildflags.gni

Another option I saw was whether or not we could use a custom title bar with this package and disabling the Electron title bar: GitHub - AlexTorresSk/custom-electron-titlebar: Custom electon title bar inpire on VS Code title bar

What if any route is best? If this is a non-issue what is a good first issue? The list on the Contributing guidelines good first issues is blank.

I'm afraid building Electron from sources might cause hard to debug issues. For example we have one caused by rebuilding just sqlite and Electron is probably an order of magnitude more complex.

Please don't change this! Is this really an issue? My Joplin looks like this and I love it :smiley:


The title bar color apparently is taken from the chosen Accent color (a Windows setting). So I'd say it's a feature, not a bug.
People who want this fixed will probably want to pick a darker accent color anyway.

Setting here:

(you can also check 'pick from background', which is what I usually do - that way if you have a rotating set of dark-ish backgrounds, you get a rotating set of nice accent colors that change from time to time.)


And using a custom menu bar is also not an option as we'd be reinventing many wheels to get it working properly, with shortcuts and so on.

Ok, both options did have pitfalls. Do you guys have a recommendation then for a good first issue with the project?

It's hard to say which issues are good as without doing some analysis, as you've just discovered. Any issue labelled medium or high is ok to take.
For example: