Dark mode

If you use dark mode, which could use more styling IMO,
The top bar for the window is white, it needs to be black. Like with Discord, the top bar is black/grey for darkmode, not white.

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The top bar comes from your desktop theme. If you’re on an os that supports themeing you can change it there.
If you have any other specific feedback about the themes you can share with the community and maybe you or someone else can edit the theme and share the benefits with the community. Joplin also supports user customization through the userchrome.css file (check out the docs and the forum’s to understand how to use it).

I understand the second point, fair enough

For the first one, it’s a design decision that needs to fall onto Joplin, not just the OS. Just like Discord, comes with dark mode - and if you use dark mod via Discord, it sets the top bar dark, even if your system is set in no mode/default mode. I’m in the default Windows mode. I’m not ready to change to dark system mode as some of the older applications I use only have light-mode support (and may not even be updated for the foreseeable future), it looks stupid to have a black top bar and then a white application with black text. Or I want dark mode in certain apps but not a dark windows explorer etc etc.

It just makes sense for dark mode to force a dark top bar. It keeps up the consistency regardless of your current OS setting - it’s what the user actually wants. It looks stupid to have a white top bar and dark mode otherwise entirely in the application - there’s no sense to it. The only reason would be to encourage everyone to actively use the OS setting.

That’s a valid point and I get where you’re coming from. But the problem is that it really comes down to personal preference. Some people want all applications to have the same top bar/menus and hate applications like discord. And others want complete app specific theming. Which means it’s not clear which is the best choice.
So when you have an application like Joplin which is developed and maintained by one person (with sporadic contributions by others) often decisions like this come down to whichever option is easier. And in this case it’s easier to use the default os top bar.

I’m not saying your suggestion is wrong, it’s a good suggestion. But you’re just not likely to see much change unless lots of people are requesting it (or if somebody swoops in and makes the change in a way that doesn’t rewrite the entire app).

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