How to make the Joplin top menu to black

os: windows10 1909
version: 1.0.193

I am using the dark theme of joplin. But the top of application is still white. Is it a bug or I can change it by userchrome.css?

try to toogle development tools (help menu).
When you select the <html> tag, the concerned area is highlighted.
The top menu is out of this area, because –IMHO– it’s drived by the system and not by the application itself.
It’s the same for Mac OS.

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Thank you for your reply.
I have already tried the development tools. And I also found that area can’t be controller by html elements

I think this is true for all os. So no possiblity to change this in joplin

This cannot be changed unless the menubar is hand made and then stylized.
@laurent you have opened issue #2689. If you think we should remake the menu bar, then I will work on it.