Wiki to gather information for development and configuration

From time to time we have some questions related setting up the dev environment, and we have quite a lot details related to different features and how to config them on

In addition the complexity is growing for example with the nextcloud app and so on …
So I had the idea that we probably could integrate a wiki to our setup (probably in GitHub?).

What do yoh think?


I am a fan of a single source of information. While a wiki could be useful, it will get harder to keep track of everything.

We have the #development category for this.

But it’s not my decision. If there are people who are willing to maintain such a wiki…

I think a wiki would be great! I might not contribute much to the code, but as I learn about the app, I don’t mind documenting what I have found.

The website acts already a bit like a wiki. You can click on “Improve this doc” at the bottom and propose your changes in a pull request.

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Also, we can create a wiki category on the forum. I just don’t want to have to many distinct sources of information.
I’ve learned in my 20+ years in IT that a single source of information can do wonders.

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