Gitpod support

For a couple of days I had to change my usual development environment(linux) and switch to windows but I was having some problems while setting up the dev environment.
So I thought it will be really nice if we can setup ready-to-code env with Gitpod to ease up the setup for everyone. FreeCodeCamp also provides the same with gitpod Link to page.
Sorry if this has been already discussed.

Honestly I don't think this would (should?) be necessary - Joplin is really pretty easy to set up a dev environment for and I'm not saying that from a point of experience as I'm not a developer or programmer, Joplin was the first thing I've ever built from source and played around in the code base for yet so far I've managed to set up working environments for:

  • Windows 10
  • Linux Mint
  • macOS
  • Android (via Linux Mint)

I've had a few issues but they were either due to bugs (the dreaded uslug) or issues with the migration to yarn - both of which have been ironed out.
Not to mention the education aspect of it - I've learnt a huge amount whilst setting up these environments which is not Joplin specific.

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Yep! It is very easy to set up. I am just saying it can be good-to-have feature. In my opinion it will reduce the barrier for first time contributors.

I also agree since I learned about monorepos while setting up Joplin.

Also as I understand anyone could set up the project there, it doesn't have to be done officially by the project, or does it? In that case, anyone could do it and simply post about it on the forum. If it works well we could link to it from as an unofficial development method.

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Okay I will give it a try if it works I will post it here.

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I was able to make .gitpod.yml file for our codebase. It took a bit long as I am not that familiar with this. It is as follows:
1 .gitpod.yml:

  - before: 
          sudo apt-get update &&
          sudo apt install -y build-essential libnss3 libsecret-1-dev python rsync &&
          sudo apt-get install -y libgbm-dev
  - init: 
          yarn install 
    command: yarn run watch

  file: Dockerfile

  - port: 3000-6000
    onOpen: ignore

    # enable for the default branch (defaults to true)
    dev: true
    # enable for all branches in this repo (defaults to false)
    branches: false
    # enable for pull requests coming from this repo (defaults to true)
    pullRequests: true
    # enable for pull requests coming from forks (defaults to false)
    pullRequestsFromForks: false
    # add a check to pull requests (defaults to true)
    addCheck: true
    # add a "Review in Gitpod" button as a comment to pull requests (defaults to false)
    addComment: false
    # add a "Review in Gitpod" button to the pull request's description (defaults to false)
    addBadge: false

and '2. Dockerfile' FROM gitpod/workspace-full-vnc:latest
But we have to commit this file to the repo.


But I am not sure about the pre-build(Gitpod Docs: Pre-builds) part as they are not working, but apart from that it works.
If anyone wants to try it here is the Link(you would have to wait for the installation though)
If anybody can improve the 'pre-build' part that would be great!