Added Wiki link in header

This is just to let everyone knows that I've added a Wiki link to the top header. For now it simply links to the "tips and tricks" tag but we could potentially link to a landing page or different tags. In fact if you have any suggestion on how to improve this, feel free to post here.


I'd love to have a "proper" markdown type wiki here with a sidebar, I'm thinking of something akin (but online) to the Obsidian help vault and the Trilium default notes. Something which can go into a lot more detail than the official readme for various topics due to (hopefully) being a community maintained resource vs the official one that requires PRs etc. This means it could contain some more "off-beat" uses for Joplin or specific methodologies like zettelkasten which otherwise get buried and forgotten in a traditional forum structure as these often defy specific categorisation (I don't think it counts a "tips and tricks" for example).

Obviously the main issue would be maintenance - if you are going to have a link on the official website then it won't do for it to just be an uncategorised mess full of random one-off pages of ramblings which (to me) means one of the following:

  • The whole community is responsible (maybe with a base level of trust) but otherwise its open to all
  • Joplin staff / "trusted" users / volunteers are responsible for higher level admin or maintenance (such as rollbacks (if possible), new categories, pages etc.) but otherwise free.
  • Locked down to the above hypothetical group(s) who are responsible for all edits and work off requests to publish/edit

Do you have an online example of what you have in mind? Just to see if we can recreate it just using Discourse.

I honestly don't think this is a wiki. . . More like a list of posts

I personally think that the wiki should be organized to make it easier for users to find and read, for example, there should be at least one sidebar

I had to look up the platform and I don't think it is technically being used strictly as a "community" wiki nor do I think a community project such as this would utilise all the features but I like the design and layout of
Examples: Nextcloud + Docker docs/manuals:
Table of contents — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation
Orientation and setup | Docker Documentation

On the much simpler side of things I'm thinking stuff like the static sites, things like Vuepress or Docsify (basically idea stolen from rxliuli's blog tool there) - e.g Quick start | Joplin Utils

Yes I agree with that. But I figured, since it's something we've been talking about for some time, I may as well get things started with this first attempt.

On the much simpler side of things I'm thinking stuff like the static sites, things like Vuepress or Docsify

At present, I recommend vuepress. The latter is not good at seo and is only suitable for internal company documents that do not require seo.

Thanks for the links. Something like the Docker doc would indeed be nice. I suppose we could just have a sidebar with a hierarchy of links to various wiki-style posts editable by anyone. It seems we can have this kind of TOC per post so I'm wondering now if it can be done with links to pages instead.

As for the permissions, we would require some Trust Level, probably of 1 or 2 (I'll need to check what's required for that level).

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To be honest I only have experience with the former anyway and only from translations on your own site, I only included the other as you link to it on the tool.

I found a couple of resources that might be useful here:
This topic with a nice examples of using DiscoTOC to add a sidebar to the first post of a topic (which I imagine also works with wiki type posts) and the Discourse-docs plugin to create something of a KB rather than a wiki but I imagine the two can be combined. However I believe that this plugin is limited to certain subscriptions unless self-hosted (which I know is also something that has been discussed in the past).

I might just be stating the really obvious here or saying something stupid as I've got no experience with discourse config/admin.

It looks like Discourse-Docs is what we would need actually, but unfortunately it's not installed by default on our managed hosting, so we would need to self host.

DiscoTOC we have though, and indeed it's very good to automatically create TOCs. I wonder if the way to go would be to create a top wiki page that would link to various other topics?

Doesn't sound like a bad idea, particularly if a TOC/sidebar can be applied there too.

I think the way a wiki works in core discourse is that posts can be turned into wikis so that the original post can be edited by anyone. Then the discussion that follows is about what goes in the original post. Even Discourse itself relies on this for their documentation, I believe. I agree it's odd and not optimal. But it is serviceable.

Thanks for getting started with this.

It's a good idea, I'm totally for it. If we can create a virtuous circle between the forum discussions and the documentation needed for advanced use, that would be great.

As a layout maybe we could also do like the Discourse doc: Docs - Discourse Meta

Categories for the main topics, and then each post can be labelled with various tags. I wonder if that would be good enough or if it's maybe too messy.

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