Why search don't highlight the results?

Joplin: 2.11.11
OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Linux Mint

I'm sure this was already mentioned here on the forum, but I can't find it now.
If the user uses Search (Ctrl+P or F6) in Joplin, it usually doesn't highlight the results.
After some testing, it looks like highlighting the results is available only in the Markdown editor and only after F6 search. Why? It is really annoying, especially in longer notes.


Try ctrl-F or cmd-F (on a Mac). It does highlight the results.

But CTRL + F works only inside the note?
Almost all my searches are over the whole database.

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I do understand this now, but given the layout of Joplin in normal config, ....
how could it possibly show / highlight all the hits ?

I'm not sure if I understand the question. I don't like OneNote, but we use it in the office and I just tried how it works.
In the search field, I entered the word and I immediately got the list of notes in which the searched word is. When I click on any on the list, the application opens the note and the searched words are highlighted all over the note. And then I can click on the next note on the list ...

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A good idea, I guess something like this?

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Yes. This would be extremely useful.
I'm sure that I'm not alone who often searching over the whole notebook.

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I have completed this function in the vscode plugin and released it, if you are interested, you can try it

ref: Joplin's vscode plugin is released! - #109 by rxliuli


Tnx. It looks nice.
I don't use VSCode :slight_smile:, but if there won't be any other solutions, your plugin will be something to look for.

Cmd-Shift-F highlights words in the title of the search results and within the notes for me. At least most of the time. Cmd-P doesn't as it's not a search but a "go to" system, so I wouldn't expect it to highlight anything.

That said, Cmd-Shift-F is a bit wonky at times. Sometimes it gets stuck and keeps highlighting the previous thing I'd searched for within the notes. :woman_shrugging:

Cmd-Shift-F is probably on Mac?
What is the name of that function in the menu?

On Windows:

  1. Edit -> Search in all notes (F6) doesn't highlight words.
  2. Edit -> Search in current note (Ctrl+F) highlight words, but this is only - as a menu says - in current note.
  3. Go -> Go to anything (Ctrl+P) shows a list of notes where the searched word is, but after clicking on one of the results, there is nothing highlighted.

It's "search in all notes" -- Ctrl-Shift-F for me on Windows. I can't remember if I set it to that or it came that way. :woman_shrugging:

I am seeing issues with Joplin highlighting the searched-for term on my PC, though. Sometimes it highlights; sometimes it doesn't. In cases where it doesn't, I can Ctrl-F for the term myself and then close that search and then "all notes" search will suddenly remember it's supposed to be doing the highlighting. Must be a bug!

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The highligt depends of the mode in the rich text editor.

Searching for "gloubiboulga"...

Edition mode in rich text editor = no highlight

Visual mode in rich text editor = highlight !

And be careful to that :

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