Searching for a word

Why, when searching for a word, only note where the word is located is opened everywhere, but does not immediately go to this note with word highlighting.
I have to repeat the search in note again
CTRL-F, that is, do a search twice.

That is. I'm looking for words in all records. It shows me in which note I have this word. I go to this note and have to press CTRL-F again to find the same words in this note.
That is, look for the same thing twice.
Why can't you make it so that after searching through all the records you can select the record where this word is and immediately go to this word in the record.


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Searching in Joplin is really a nightmare.
You can try with Ctrl+P, it works a little differently. AFAIK - highlighting work only in one type of layout, but I never know where and I'm always changing it (also annoying).

I'm also very disappointed with the search possibilities in Joplin (but I like it, don't get me wrong).

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wow, I just thought that I didn't find correct button before, so is this common condition ? :confused:

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