Why only appImage for Linux?

I'm sure this question already came up many times but I wasn't able to find anything in the forum.

Why dod the developers decide to only distribute Joplin through appImage?

Single universal binary certainly makes maintenance easier. There are plenty of community maintained distributions. Unofficial alternative Joplin distributions

I use the Flatpak version on Linux Mint and it works very well.

If only appimages were compatible with musl. I run void and I compile from source (what I can) may possibly make a package in the future.

Well if you do then feel free to update that post (it is a wiki post) or otherwise let us know to update it!

Hi Scott,
does linking to local files work with your installation? It's not working with mine on Linux Mint. I tried a --user installation, normal installation, different rights management etc.
May it be an issue that the file in question is on a different hard drive, accessed via /mnt/?
How do you create links to local files? Simply with drag and drop?