Compatibility with AppImageUpdate


I'm quite new to appimage (and not a big fan of it for some reasons :slight_smile: ). I was looking for an easy way to keep my appimage applications updated. I found AppImageUpdate (GitHub - AppImage/AppImageUpdate: AppImageUpdate lets you update AppImages in a decentral way using information embedded in the AppImage itself.). Good ! but sadly, it fails when trying to update Joplin. Looks like some informations are missing in Joplin so AppImageUpdate can't find where to download the newer version (if any)

Is it complex to add these informations ?

Good work by the way. Happy to quit other proprietary solutions !


Sam (i'm french by the way if you prefer this language :wink: )

This AppImageUpdate project seems quite new so maybe report the issue to them? I can add some metadata somewhere if it helps but I need to know what.

Not sure how other Linux users handle the AppImage I provide since there has not been much complains about it.

Probably better to stay in English here so that others can contribute :wink:

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Hi Laurent,
Just had a look. Looks like they are using the ISO 9660 Volume Descriptor #1 field "Application Used" to store the informations :

  • URL that tells the latest version
  • Delta (the portions of the applications that have changed) between local version and the latest version
  • URL of the Delta between local version and latest version

Looks a little complex. May be we can just have a warning that tells us a new versions has been released :slight_smile: ?