Why is Joplin the best Note App?

  • Cross platform availability … everywhere.
  • Secure Sync’ing WebDAV compatibility (with Fastmail for example)
  • Community (for plugins – App specific & Browser … Safari Clipper rocks)

I’m sure there are a ton of other reasons, but as new Linux Mint user … having my notes sync across Linux, iOS, & macOS seamlessly is incredibly valuable. Those core features should be the criteria to contemplate any Notes App.

Anything after that might be critical to your needs or how you work or what you work … but to have nailed those three things so well astonishes me, considering the large number of expensive (subscription-based) Notes Apps available today.


I can’t agree more. I also can’t wait to see a plugin ecosystem being created by the community. Laurent has already started to add hooks to the code…


Oh, what a good news! I'm looking fordward to that plugin system! :grinning:

I’m currently migrating from OneNote because I’ve recently switched to Linux Mint; definitely agree!

I’m sort of amused by the fact that I’m storing these encrypted blobs in OneDrive after bailing on OneNote.