Some thoughts, bugs, feature requests et al

Here’'re are some thoughts on Joplin with respect to feature requests

  1. One Linux login, but multiple joplin accounss with the same cloud (e.g., dropbox)
    On a Linux machine, people should be able to go to file menu and select whatever account they want to use and be able to do ETL (multiple identifieable usernames within same cloud provider).
    Which means that on Dropbox, for example, Joplin should not store stuff in /Apps/Joplin, but with more identifieable directory such as /Apps/Joplin/username of some sort.
    Example: I have an acconnt with droppbox ( From Joplin, I should be able to select ‘one’ and be connectted to one notes repossitory, select ‘two’ and be connected to the other. You may not realize it, but it helps a lot.
  2. Screen Real Estate.
    At the moment there is no way to resize any of the 3 columns to expand notes area - unless you hide sidebar.
    IMHO, that’s not how UI works. Things should be easily resizeable.
  3. Synchronize:
    Individual notes can be or should be synchronizeable.
  4. Sync speed : Should be synchronizeable at will. Not eveeryone is working on each and every note at all the times. Most folks are focussed on one note or a single directory. So Individual notes / notebooks should be manually synchronizeable with one or two clicks or a single keyboard shortcut. No need to tie user to 5 min intervvals. In fact, after finishing notes, most people want to just shut down their machines and hit bed - instead of joplin sync stuff to kick-in.
  5. Sync Speed: Sync speed with joplin is extremely slow and excruciating. Blame here may lie with Dropbox more than Joplin - since Dropbox may deliberattely slow things down. But see if you can do someething here. It takes full 10 min on a broadband connection to sync all notes (though I just want to sync junst one note).

Joplin is a great piece of software, and I want to thank the developer with all my heart, and best wishes for future.


  1. you can still use multiple profiles, can’t you?
  2. issues have been opened for that.
  3. point 3 and 4 : notes are sync as soon as you finished to enter anything (if i remember well). Syncing process takes only the notes to sync and not all the stack of your 3000 notes for example. If you disable the periodic sync, you sync when you want. So with all of that, the individual sync is already covered ?
  4. Poiunt 5 : Maybe using a localstorage (one of your local folder) and a task triggered by a crontab (on linux) that could do a rsync -avz each 10min could do the trick. But that way you just cover the linux desktop case. But once again , joplin does not sync all notes at each start or quit.

1> What Profile?
2> Cool.
3> As soon as you exit a note, sync probably happens, but there is no indication that it’s happening ‘synchronize’ link is still active, means sync is not happening.
4> No. No cron. My poiint was, Joplin should allow users to select a reasonable sync speed and not ‘tie’ them to what appears by default.

Re:Sync. IMHO it should work similar to '‘Ctrl+S’. I hit that kb shortcut, and the note gets synched. As simple as that. And more importantly, it’s possible with the software foundation that Joplin has laid out already.

Thanks for your reply. Helpful. Appreciate it.

  1. I meant joplin --profile /path/to/a/new/profile

here the joplin is the terminal version not the gui one.

otherwise, there are several topics about profile