Why does Joplin think my iPhone is 160 miles away?

I have Location Services On, but Joplin isn’t in the ‘Allow Location Access’ list.

Joplin’s Save geo-location with notes is On but it isn’t happening on the iPhone.

What am I missing?

Joplin 10.0.47. iOS 13.3.1

Well if Joplin is not in the location service access list then no wonder it shows wrong locations :stuck_out_tongue:

Still the question remains, why hasn’t Joplin been put in the list… (and if there is no location then a fictitious one shouldn’t be displayed)

Are you using any sort of a VPN? I think Joplin gets the location based on your IP address (at least on desktop it does).

Yes, on desktop it’s based on the IP, but on iPhone it should be using the geolocation service. But if it’s disabled I guess it should be giving a 0.000 0.000 location, which I believe is somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. What location does it give you exactly when you open it in the map?

Lowestoft, Suffolk, but I tried another note and found it was set to Lambeth, London (haven’t been anywhere, am in lockdown in Horsham, Sussex)