Wrong coordinates

According to Note properties, Joplin thinks that notes I created at home (Salford) were created in Birmingham. If it tries to guess my location from my IP, it shouldn’t really or it should be optional for when this method is unreliable. This may not be what is happening though as my IP usually points to a location much closer than that.

Win10 64b, Joplin v1.0.179

I also discovered that when using my desktop computer the geo-location stored in my created notes was wildly unreliable so I simply disabled it.

Another issue I discovered is that if we delete geo-location of a note (from note properties) Joplin does not delete the stored “altitude” in the database.

Don’t know why we should store altitude in the geo-location in the first place either…

This feature is optional and can be disabled in the settings.

Hi Laurent

This feature is optional and can be disabled in the settings.

I would like to propose the following changes:

  1. Out of the box the feature “Save geo-location with notes” should be switched off. Now it is on by default.
  2. When we remove location data from a note, Joplin should also delete the altitude info in the database. Now it only deletes latitude and longitude.

I would add:

  1. Include an ‘update/record coordinates’ button to notes propeties.
    This will allow the user to correct the wrong coordinates later by using
    their GPS-enabled mobile device.

I am not sure how the altitude is relevant either.

Not a bad idea. An icon like this could work: image

PR anyone?