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Where to put our proposal for review?

@PackElend has mentioned that we must form a new topic in this forum to get our proposal reviewed. But the GSoC site has its own mechanism regarding draft proposal submission. So which one do I follow?
Also, if we post our proposals here, it will sort of be open to all…

You can upload it to the GSoC site at any time but we will discuss it here in the forum, via PM.
We have all information here (and on GitHub).
If need to switch to the GSoC site or to google docs what your reference in your PM, it consume additional time what can be invested more wisely.
Of course, for single proposal, the additional time is very limited but it is not only one proposal what has come in yet.
Moreover, that we way we can keep track of all the things happening more easily.

You can use tools to convert markdown to html etc
Typora.io or https://www.zettlr.com/ if that makes things easier.
The proposal in the PM does not have to be as nicely designed as word document. It shall be nicely readable that it is.

Um, sorry if I am being annoying, but what is a PM?

Private Message


@PackElend Please help me out on how to create a pm I tried to figure it out but I couldn't found a way. I want to write a Proposal for GSOC 2021 about OCR Plugin. I'm totally perplexed on

  • How to contact mentor?
  • How to make a proposal?
  • And Technical issues like which branch is needed to be used to contribute?

Even though I understand you might be having a busy schedule.
I would feel so happy if you helped me regarding this.
Thanks In Advance @PackElend

@PackElend I didn't find any option of that kind

I just got an option to chat with @discobot and nothing else could you please help me reach out to you on PM?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@darkcheftar Just click on his username, a box will pop up with a message button.

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Thanks for your quick reply @jalaj. I just tried it. But I still got this.

I would be very grateful to you If I get some help. :blush:

as you joined the forum just tomorrow, you don't have permission to send pm yet. Spend some time on the forum, maybe complete @discobot 's tutorial, you'll be able to send pm after you get this badge

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You’ve disabled me in your preferences. You need to allow new user onboarding tips to interact with me.

Thank You very much @jalaj. I will sure try to do it.
Thanks for the quick help. :smile:

Thanks For helping me out @jalaj :heart_decoration:. Just got Basic Badge

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