Questions regarding GSoC


I have a few questions regarding GSoC:

  1. How many projects do Joplin plan to accept?

  2. Will a mentor be assigned to multiple projects?

It would be great if these questions could be answered.


depending on the proposal hand work we can handel, hard to say right now

most likely

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Thank you @PackElend

I have one more query. If I have to discuss the details of a project listed on the ideas page, should I do it in a forum post or should I personally message the mentor?

I will create a topic per idea later today

as soon as it touches private things such as you proposal, that will discusses in a restricted area. We are currently discussing what is the best approach to do so

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Okay. I have a topic draft created regarding some testing I did which is related to one of the GSoC projects. I’ll post it in the proper area after your topic on that idea.


If I have an idea apart from the ones mentioned in the ideas list, do I post it on the forums or contact the mentors privately?

I too have some ideas, which are not listed in the Ideas list.

generally all Feature Proposal go into #features .
In your case, there is risk, that another student hijacks your idea.
At the end, we need also feedback from the community, so you may discus it in #features first up to certain degree.

Either you will PM us or there will be sub-category for each student, we are currently discussion what can be handled best.


Yeah. The risk of hijacking is what I was afraid about. But I’ve thought about it and put up a topic in the Features page.
I’m hoping that the mentors will know who initially proposed the idea and will consider that during the application selection process. :grin:

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@PackElend Can I submit all my 5 proposals to Joplin? Would you recommend it?

Hey Mate!
I think you should work seriously on no more than 3 proposals😁

it is up to you, if you think if you can handle this.

It might be smarter concentrating only on a few but deliver excellent proposals instead many with gaps.
Quality before quantity.

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Sure. Will Do!

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