Where is the huge announcement for the "drawing" feature on tablets?

Not sure, what the best category is for this....

Joplin on Android got Stylus / pen / drawing support. You can use your stylus / pen of your tablet and draw a picture without having to switch to a different app. You can mix markdown and stylus input.

Is it just me or was this pretty much silently / secretly released a few days ago? It's not even easy to find in the change logs...

This feature is awesome. Many people waited a long time for this.

Maybe, this is the wrong place and the relevant people won't read this, but guys... Please create a post on the website, mention it on the main page, list it as a feature, mention it on the GitHub Readme, ...

This feature is literally the answer for the question "Why would I use Joplin instead of XY?"


AFAIK the feature is still in beta (prerelease). F-Droid doesn't respect prerelease mark, so it was rolled out automatically/unintentionally ahead of actual android release

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That's correct, it's still a prerelease. We'll create an announcement post beginning of december when we do the official release


Thanks. Did not know that FDroid uses prereleases.