Where is the Help for using the UI?

I'm new to Joplin. I started with free Evernote, then free CintaNotes.

The free CN does not print, and does not allow attachments. So I'm already ahead.

I'm looking for an old-fashioned User Manual, like CintaNotes, to manage the user interface.

The Joplin "Help" seems to apply to anything that is NOT in the UI. Such as sync, encryption, WebDav.

Here are a selection of the CintaNotes help topics:

Finding Notes
Previewing and Reading Notes
Managing Notes with Tags
Using Search History
Sorting and Reordering Notes
Autotagging Rules

These are examples of what I'm looking for.


The doc is the website and we can always improve. To do that it's best to say exactly what might be missing as we can't really act on a long list of vague items.

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How to create sub-Notebooks?

How to create sub-bullets?


You can create sub notebooks by dragging and dropping a notebook onto another one.
Sub bullets are created by pressing tab on an empty bullet point.

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@CalebJohn These instructions worked fine.


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Glad to hear it @OldGrantonian, feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

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There's even an image :slight_smile:


Indeed I don't think that's mentioned. Perhaps it could be added to the Markdown guide

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You've found the manual: https://joplinapp.org
And the advanced manual (this forum).


@laurent said:

The link is obviously the F1 "Help" that I mentioned in my OP. Fortunately for me, "Sub-notebooks" does actually appear after a load of techie stuff. Otherwise, I'd be banned already.

"Searching" looks very powerful.

"Goto Anything" is v useful. (Crafty use of "G". I was thinking, "How the hell am I supposed to remember that hot key?") Excellent idea to disable the rest of the screen. I've just moved from Chrome to Edge. I use FF for sites that I really shouldn't be loking at. In all three cases, I spend a long time trying to find the search box after using Ctrl+F. It moves overnight.

IMHO, the Goto dialog needs an "X" at top right. I don't think there's a graceful way to withdraw. The "?" is clever. At first use, the user is made aware of the useful tips, which can be accessed at any time in the future. Otherwise, the empty dialog is presented for simple queries. - which is less distracting than seeing the same text every time. Neat.

IMHO, In this file, "Features" should be first. In the absence of a fancy expensive advertising site, that's what caused me to download Jop without reading any further. The list is a lot longer than for the free CN. I can't remember how it compares with the free EN. Maybe you should have a comparison table with ticks and "x", as appropriate.

BTW: Maybe the images at the top should have that pop-out arrow thing to enarge the image on a new tab. Current text is illegible.

"Community" should be much nearer the top. For free stuff, having a dedicated forum is a bonus for me. EN and CN both have forums.

The newbie UI stuff should be next.

Having "Features" at the top means that you have already grabbed the attention of the techies. So you can safely place the techie stuff after the newbie stuff. [I'm not a techie.]


@SteveShank Thanks for that.

The idea with the doc is that it shouldn't be needed if the UI is intuitive enough. That's why I guess when there is some info about a topic it's more in depth. I'd like to re-organise a bit the website, perhaps at least with a better TOC so that it's easier to have an overview of the content.