Adding support for subnotebooks into Joplin CLI

Currently the UI of Joplin consists of three widgets for each task. First window is for viewing notebooks. Second one is for viewing the list of notes inside that notebook. Third one is for viewing the content of notes. The problem with this approach is it’s lack of support for subnotebooks. My solution is to redesign the widgets. Instead of designating seperate widget for notebooks, seperate one for notes and seperate one for viewing note contents, we replace them with three universal widgets that can do all of that, but change the responsibilities of them as in the image below.

The main window will be on the center. It will show the notes and notebooks you are currently browsing. The window on the left will show the notes/notebook which are one level above. The window on the right will show the child notes and notebooks, if the selected item is a notebook. If not, it will just show the contents of that selected note.


I think that this approach is more natural and convenient as it behaves like a file manager. Instead of switching to seperate window to see notebooks/notes, it keeps all of them in one place, so that you can browse your notes like you are browsing files in your computer.
What do you think?

Without Laurent’s input, there’s nothing I (or anybody else for that matter) can do.