Where can I see the system requirements for each new version?

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What issue do you have?

Where can I find system requirements for new versions? they don't seem to be on the website or in the changelog. I have an older mac OS so every time there's a new version of joplin it's a bit of a gamble whether it'll still work or whether I won't be albe to get into all my content ever again...


I don't know if Joplin defines system requirements for each new release. I would not expect them to, as it would probably take a lot of testing with different devices and operating systems, which might be beyond the capacity of the developers here.

Just to make sure you have the full picture, I see a way to make sure nothing gets lost: you can back up your Joplin data before you decide to try a new release. And you can always revert back to the old version if the new one is too much for your system. Joplin releases are available here: Releases · laurent22/joplin · GitHub, so if you need to revert to an older version, just use your backup to restore everything.


Thank you