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This feature was discussed earlier in the forum. In fact there was a successfull first attempt in an earlier version, but it was withdrawn shortly for some performance issues with some platforms. As far as I remember the developer, said he'll get back to it at a later time. That was a long while ago. So is it possible to add it as a plugin now? hope so

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No as a plugin this is not possible and the performance problem still exists with tags.

Yes, this must be added to the core. The coder who originally wrote the nested tags code, is currently busy and couldn't look into the perf issues.
We had to revert the changes, since the perf impact was problematic.

I don't know the current status of the PR and the coder. Maybe something we should try to find out.

I really hope you can catch up with the coder. This was a really great feature. Also, as far as I remember the problem with with one platform, which was neither Windows nor Mac IOS (most used ones by non-programmers), so I was wondering if it would be ok to put it back as it was, tolerating (and stating it clearly to the users of course) the problem with that platform. Just a suggestion.

Not correct, the speed Problem exists also on Windows and the hirachic tags make it even worse.

The slowness you are referring to is much newer than the hierarchy one. The hierarchical tags were introduced in versions 1.0.229 to 1.0.231. then revoked. The version you are mentioning is 1.5.7. this is a totally different issue.

No, the issue where also there bevor when you have many tags.

As laurent also wrote there

if we add support for hierarchical tags we'd need to review all this anyway and work on the performances.

Therefore, the PR cannot be used as it is

Yes there's no easy solution to integrate back the previous pull request, or it would already have been done. There's a lot of work to add this back both at the back end and front end level and on the mobile, desktop, cli app as well as web clipper. Maybe I'll look at it some day, but don't know when.

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Thanks for the clarificaiton :slight_smile: and thanks a million for your brilliant plugins.. Keep it up

I didn't know that :frowning: too bad. However I have another idea, that might be doable to solve half of the problem, or might be a work around in some way. I'll post it separately so it can have wider audience if it is really doable.
and Laurent.. thanks a million for Joplin.. you really made lots of people around the glob really happy and more productive :slight_smile:

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