When will ACS for Joplin be released?

While I applaud the introduction of AI simply because evolution is reducing NI and creating a requirement for a replacement, I am really not going to get too enthusiastic until I see ACS. Without that, AI will likely have an overall negative effect in most fields. There seems to be an exponentially increasing need for ACS and I breathlessly await its introduction.

As proof of the decline of natural CS I offer a local (Provincial from Canada) police warning for the upcoming eclipse.

Do not wear eclipse glasses while driving

If such a warning is thought to be necessary, the population must be sorely lacking in natural CS and ACS is indeed urgently required.

ACS? Oh, that would be Artificial Common Sense. The natural kind has seemingly vanished from humans although I heard that some of the higher forms of life (eg: single-celled amoeba) have shown astonishing evidence of the natural kind so perhaps the human loss of this is not really a big deal. We can always simply ask ourselves "What would an amoeba do?" and then proceed.

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This is a complaint about something that was never really different. Stupidity is a constant and common feature of what we call humanity.