Forward to the past

I was already excluded from Joplin updates, because I don't have a recent OS. Now I'm also excluded from the forum, because my browser can't be updated anymore.
My "digital universe" is shrinking day by day.
Too bad, there will be a "digital prehistoric cave" where I will be able to put my little hand prints.

Longue vie à Joplin !


Why are you unable to update your OS/browser...?

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I can't update my MacBook (>12 years old), incompatible with recent MacOS, to be able to use updated browsers. Switching machines is not currently possible - many prerequisites before switching to Linux.

I found a workaround, by enabling the "adaptive view" on my browser. The site sees me as an iPad Pro, so I can use the Discourse features again.

Hi @betternote

What is the barrier to a change in equipment? Financial? Ecological choice ?
There are still a number of alternatives...

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