Love Joplin so far

Working great, clipper works as expected, beats the hell outta EV IMO. (at least the way I was using EV)
I don't understand half the plugins, nor do I think I need many, but I'm a simple user.
Now, I'm expecting to be able to sit in the woods, in a treestand, with no signal, reading my notes while watching for deer. :deer:


That's no wonder: I think many of them deserve a better documentation (at least for us folks not so technically-minded).

Which means that, at every start, Joplin will be trying to sync for a long time and then stop with an error message - which can be ignored easily, because of the app's offline capability. Maybe the mobile version should check for a signal immediately after being started in order to signalise that it's offline (like other apps do).


Almost all of the plugins are created by independent individuals and there is little to no enforcement of any documentation requirements (afaik).

Just know that if there ever is something you need to do in Joplin, there is a chance there is a plugin for it. If you can't find by searching, then just create a post here asking. Usually someone will reply if such a plugin exists.



Agreed. Many, but certainly not all, of the plugins have a dedicated thread (depends if the plugin dev started a thread here), and it is in those threads that various use cases are fleshed out, and that is very useful in understanding how and why to use the plugin. Unfortunately, this will not be obvious to the new user who sees the plugin list and links to github, but doesn't know to search the plugin subforum for a thread on the plugin of interest.

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But it’s possible to adjust the settings for synchronisation, which would prevent that from happening. I just like not to forget that. :wink:

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You can't disable the initial sync (unless you disable synchronisation whatsoever).

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You’re right, but for the scenario from the first post (in the woods/landscape), it can be achieved by only allow wifi:

(I admit, it‘s a workaround)


Yeah, you could also just disable sync temporarily altogether, and then re-enable it once you're back in civilisation :wink:.


But you can avoid it by keeping the app open (and be it in the background) and set sync on manually or disabled (just another workaround :wink:)

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For me, if I remember that is, I'll just turn sync off or in WIFI only or manual... any editing I did was on my puter at home, sync then and it's up to date. Then I'll be free to go out of range. Yeah??

I have been using it for a little while. I migrated from evernote when they doubled their prices. But I really started using it when I found an article suggesting zettlekasten plugins. I'd link it but I can't.

I love looking at the map of my notes and the links between them from the Link Graph UI plugin. Almost hypnotic.

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all the settings proposed above are only to avoid a failed sync in the wild - which would not harm your database anyway. so whatever you do, just sync before you leave your network connection and you‘ll be fine. perhaps be aware you do the settings to download ALL attachments before, so you have them locally, if you need several of them.

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I‘m not sure which are the zettelkasten plugins but I can link the graph plugin:

+1. Just came from Evernote. Evernote's quality had been degrading for years, and they finally finished me off with the "maximum 75 notes on a free account" rule.

Joplin has been a joy to use for the first few hours. Some of the things I love:

  • Markdown first (this should be table stakes for all note apps, why Evernote doesn't do this is beyond me)
  • Beautiful Latex and code highlighting out of the box
  • Minimalistic and clean interface, not having to click through upsells to get to notes like modern-day Evernote
  • E2E encryption
  • Many supported syncing options

This feels like the note app to rule them all. I would be surprised if you guys aren't bigger than Evernote in 3 years.


They let me keep all 900+ notes after I downgraded to free account, I just can't do anything on the account besides 'read only'. And now my APP is loaded with ads and popup 'upgrade offers'... I told them to "pound sand" taking my $34/yr to $126/yr.
Joplin is the "simple" I need anyway.

I like that I can set emojis as folder icons.

I like that I can use math notation inside of markdown. I did a table of formulas!

My maximal was 50 yesterday.
No wonder they reminded me every time to take a deal to upgrade recently.

Well can't complain as I have been on the free account for 10 years. It's time to move on.

I started using Joplin yesterday. I have tried it before but evernote gave me the last kick.
It took a while to learn css setting, plugins, but it is more configurable once you master it.
Markdown format is good for technical documents. For non-technical document, like a news article, I would prefer to have rich text editor interface. Joplin is a note taking editor that provides both markdown and rich text editor.
I do wish to some improvement to change font color in the rich text editor. I have followed a request in this forum.

Wish more people to join the community.

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