When the VPN is the spyware

Had an occasion to try out the NordVPN application (paid version) and was not impressed with the way it instantly attempted to place 37 Google trackers on my Android device. I downloaded it directly from NordVPN as I do not have a Google account on my devices but DuckDuckGo still caught it trying to plant the secret data-harvesting trackers the moment it started up. For a company that claims to assist users in keeping private things private, to be acting as spyware for Google does sort of destroy their credibility as being in the privacy business. More like in the privacy-destroying business alongside most other developers, Joplin being one of the rare exceptions. So, if you use NordVPN, you should be aware that Google is getting some of your private stuff even though you think you are safe.


Hi HarSel,
I don't know what made you post on your VPN experiences here on the Joplin forum, may be by mistake ?
But hell, try iVPN, read reviews about them, and make up your mind. I am using them for years, absolutely superb service and unfair tricks to squeeze more money out of your data.

Does iVPN have a browser extension with an easy way to whitelist certain websites? I've tried a few VPN packages recently as I was looking for an alternative to 12VPN, but they often don't have a good browser extension and expect the user to install it system-wide which is not always a good idea.

Very sorry. Thought this was the lounge where general stuff might be discussed and thought other Joplin users concerned about privacy might be interested in this topic. I'll make sure not to post about other than Joplin from now on.

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It's fine to post about this or anything else really in the lounge forum. Especially in this case it's related to security and privacy which is also important for Joplin.

no, please continue using the lounge for this kind of stuff!


I am using iVPN in two ways, a system-wide application on devices where I have complete control over the network, and for other devices I use openvpn on a router which connects to iVPN servers. Of course any VPN provider can write anything in his help pages in order to fish for customers. On the iVPN site however, it is consistency in principles and policies which convinced me a few years ago. Since then ...
But no, I do not know about browser extensions. I would not want my browser to be taken care of, and have other apps emit my home IP into the wide open internet.