Avast detects Joplin Web Clipper as unreputed addon

Is there a way to resolve this from Joplin’s side or is this primarily dependent on Avast?

[PS: This is my first post here. Joplin is the most viable note taking app for anyone attempting to switch from OneNote and Evernote to an opensource alternative. I thank the devs for building and maintaining this. I hope Joplin just keeps improving.]

Any chance you report them this as a false positive?

I’ll check if that’s possible.

Thanks, if you get any feedback please let us know.

But I’m starting to wonder why the desktop apps and now the clipper are detected as malware. Maybe it’s the way the apps work with encrypted data or something that trigger them.

In my case, the desktop app works fine. The clipper thing, I just got hit by a pop-up today from Avast. You might want to contact the anti-malware software vendors, and see if they have any insight.

I’ve reported it to Avast now, let’s see what they say.

Here the response from Avast:

Hi again,

Our specialists have been working on the problem and rating on the add-on has been changed to 3 stars, meaning that it is not detected by Avast anymore.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Best Regards,
The Avast Support Team

Well that’s good to hear. Thanks for the update. You guys are doing a great job with Joplin. I have almost completely switched from OneNote to Joplin.

I would like to know why the Avast team is giving Joplin only 3 stars. (I’m not using Avast or any other virus SW, I’m just curious.)
What’s the reasoning behind giving Joplin 3 stars instead of 5 stars? What could we do to get 5 stars?

3 stars might be the default? As for the problem unto itself, this is the result of having a preaproved white lists of programs that will just pass the scan if their hash values are the right ones and treating everything not on that list as suspicious.