What's the status of Joplin Server?

I tried Joplin Server in May and decided that I'd wait until it was out of beta/pre-release before I would try it again. Almost five months later, I'm increasingly eager to get the note sharing and publishing features. But I'm having trouble finding the current status of Joplin Server. I get all of the Patreon articles. The last mention of Joplin Server was in June, talking about v2.0 and the sharing feature getting close to stable. I would expect a news article when Joplin Server is out of beta/pre-release.

Is Joplin Server ready for production? If no, should I just continue to keep my eye out for a future Patreon article that announces this, or is there a better place that I should be checking.


There is a pinned announcement about it - Joplin Cloud is officially production ready!
Joplin Cloud is simply a hosted version of Joplin Server that you can pay for rather than self hosting.

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If you are talking about the self hosted server, I think that this is the latest information: Joplin Server :latest?

Great info. Thanks @Daeraxa and @Sophia