Self hosted Server 2.7.4 Still Latest?

Joplin 2.7.15 (prod, win32)
Self Hosted Joplin Server 2.7.4

Is the self hosted server latest version still 2.7.4? It hasn't changed since February. Just wanting to make sure I'm not missing something.

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Looking at the GitHub releases it does look like 2.7.4 is the latest available "personal use" server version, even though Joplin Cloud itself shows it is running v2.8.2.

As an aside, I also saw that there is now something in the GitHub releases that is called "cloud" but that has only reached v2.7.8. I hadn't noticed "cloud" before and I have no idea what it is...

Yes that's because I keep the Joplin Cloud code separate now because it was becoming difficult to have all the cloud specific stuff like Stripe and so on mixed with Joplin Server.

I'll create another Server release at some point although there aren't many changes I think, mostly minor bug fixes and small improvements.


Thank you Laurent !

That makes sense. Thank you @laurent ! No issues. I was just curious more than anything.

Thanks @dpoulton for checking.

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