What's going on with the release compiling system?

It seems as though since Electon v1.0.181 that new releases haven’t been getting published on GitHub, to the point where the latest downloads are now on page 2 because of how many new tags there are without any files to accompany them.

Those are just private draft releases which will be deleted.

Hmm, I don’t understand. Only the owner of the repo and collaborators can see draft releases.

Normal github users can only see published releases (and tags), so this is very troubling.

You can always use the following link:


Ah, I see. Are draft releases pre-compiled anywhere or is that up to the testers? I’ve been having a lot of issues trying to compile the JoplinPortable.exe version.

pre-releases are available as binaries. Drafts are not. Drafts are an internal thing and might have binaries or not. This all depends on how the release process went.

As for your issues to compile: I won’t be able to help since I do not have a Windows system and never compiled Joplin on Windows.

Best is to create a new post with the commands you've ran and output.