Beta testing for latest release?

I’ve recently released a new version, which among others feature a new search engine. Most of the code is unit tested and doesn’t seem to have any issue, and I’ve been using it on Windows and Android for a day, but just to be sure I’d interested if someone could give it a try, especially to see if there are any bugs or performance issues.

To be safe, you can first make a backup of your notes to JEX.

The release is available there: v1.0.118 BETA

Any question or feedback please let me know.

Btw, the beta shows up when you check for updates. Is this intentional?

No, that would need to be fixed if I want to put in place proper beta testing. Well this release is fine as far as I can tell so I’m going to switch it to non-beta status anyway.

Just updated Joplin on my Linux machine. Everything seems to work fine and I didn’t notice any startup slowdown but I only have around 100 notes.

One thing I noticed when doing a full text search is that results only show up once I’ve typed out the whole word, including punctuation if there’s no space between. So for instance to find “Joplin” in “Joplin: A note taking app” I would have to search for “Joplin:” for it to show up. I don’t think that’s a bug but I’m not sure if this behaviour is intentional.

Another thing I noticed is that pressing Enter doesn’t show the next search result. I have to manually click the arrow next to the search bar with my mouse in order to advance the search.

Thanks for all the work you put into this amazing app.

Maybe we could use pre-releases on github instead of normal releases for a Beta.

Hi @laurent - not sure what’s your intention on github, but the 1.0.119 is not recognized as valid update - several files missing

This is a draft, so it shouldn’t appear in update check, or does it?

Nope, it doesn’t. The draft can only be seen by you and collaborators. @jhf2442 must talk about the tag, which only provides the .zip and .tar.gz of the source.

That's a bug I think.

Will add this.

Thanks for the feedback and glad to know it's working otherwise.

Yes that would make sense.

correct.was on the way downloading the 1.0.118beta as it showed up as an update and saw in parallel the discussion here, so I came to see that there is a 1.0.119 tagged
I think @tessus’ proposal makes sense - have the beta stuff inivisible to regular users

I've just tried this, I've create a note "Joplin: something" and searched for "Joplin" only and got that note. Could you confirm the behaviour you are seeing?

Otherwise it's normal that it won't find anything if you type for example just "Jopl" because it searches for full words only. You can search for Jopl* to do prefix search.


This is on Linux.

pre-releases are available to the public as well, but they are clearly marked as such. The beta should be invisible to the app update algorithm.

@Shamp0o, thanks I understand now. This is the local search which works a bit differently, but this is indeed a bug.