Previous versions download

Hi all!

Since I have problems updating to the new version in W7 (issue #1297), I am looking for the previous version to download and continue using Joplin.

Where I can find it?


Did you try one of the latest pre-releases?

You made my day!

That’s I’ve been looking for.

Version 1.0.27 works fine.

Thanks a lot!

The releases page can take a lot of time to click through to get to older pages (same as posted above).

It can help to use the github releases API, which can be used from the commandline but it will also display JSON in the browser:

Increment page=1 to dive deeper into older releases. Maximum per_page is 100.

From the bash commandline:

URI=""; curl $URI | grep browser_download_url

To limit to a certain platform like linux or windows grep for AppImage, exe, dmg, etc. - you get the picture:

URI=""; curl $URI | grep browser_download_url | grep AppImage

Do not go back to older versions unless necessary and keep security in mind if you do.

Maybe there is also a way to do some url hacking for the human readable releases page, I did not try to find out yet.

This page is high ranking on google results, I hope this helps someone.