What features did you like in 2023 and what do you want to see in 2024?

The most significant and outstanding feature this year was, without a doubt, the introduction of pen support. Therefore, the sole purpose of 2024 should not involve the introduction of new features. Instead, the focus should be on organizing and enhancing existing features while prioritizing improvements to the user interface (UI). Making significant UI improvements should be the primary goal. The aim is to transform it from an interface that may appear outdated and neglected into fresh, user-friendly software capable of releasing new features, adapting to users' needs, encouraging newcomers, being a valuable tool for students at universities, and earning people's trust in the cloud subscription service. For more information on this UI improvement initiative, please visit: Desktop UI review

In 2024, it is also essential to prioritize the enhancement of the UI for the mobile app, as it is vital for many users and plays a crucial role in their decision to subscribe to the cloud service.

I would also like to suggest expanding the web capabilities of the cloud platform to facilitate easier sharing and editing processes.

Specifically, when mentioning this initiative (An Innovative Approach to Joplin's Viewers and Editors: Tailored for Every User), it's important to note that most of the disappointment among users arises from the viewers and editors within the app. Users anticipate something extraordinary but often encounter something rather underwhelming. And as already said I am able to work on it starting around march.