Wers is the text editing toolbar in the mobile app?

On the PC i have this tool bar that allows me to organize my text.

Its useful and i would even say essential for a note taking app.

But when I am using the mobile version i don't have this toolbar.
At first site its seem like the mobile app only allows to add and edit my text but not much else.

Any idea why? is there a way to access those features on the mobile app?

The editor in the mobile app is a markdown only editor. You can still apply all the formatting you need but you have to do it with markdown instead. When sync'd you can still use the richtext editor for those notes on the desktop app as you are currently using and the markdown tags will become invisible.

Okay so two questions:
1:is there any guide as for how to use the markdown menu?

2:how do i sync the notes(i already have a joplin cloud subscribtion.

Markdown Guide: Link

The sync settings are in the settings menu in the app, just like in the desktop version.

As well as @MrKanister's link you might also want to look up this section of the FAQ https://joplinapp.org/faq/#how-can-i-easily-enter-markdown-tags-in-android

I take it you aren't familiar with markdown itself? It isn't a menu as such its simply a way of formatting text using text characters.
e.g rather than just selecting text and clicking the bold icon you just type
which gives you bold text when rendered.
So in that sense there isn't really a need for a toolbar itself, all the buttons do is apply those markdown tags in the background. Even the editor you are using on the desktop app is simply putting those same tags in but you just can't see them. If you hit the "toggle editors" button in the top right you can see exactly what it is doing.

I know what the markdown editor is in general.

i just never had the chance to work with it before.

any way thanks for the help from both of you!

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