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It would be nice if the mobile editor worked more like the desktop editor in some ways. For instance, it would be useful on a phone to have new checkboxes and bullets appear when tapping Enter after existing checkboxes and bullets, but as far as I can tell this feature is missing.

If this feature already exists as an option, it’s hard to find…


Yes I also think the mobile editor is still too basic, and I tend to rarely even try to use markdown when I am editing on my phone. There is a lot of discussion on this forum and github issues already that suggests stuff like: a toolbar for easier markdown editing or even a wysiwyg editor. My personal preference would be wysiwyg but if a toolbar with at least some of the possibilties of the desktop clien is easier/faster to implement, I would be very very happy and finally could really use Joplin on my iphone and ipad. Well, if you come from Evernote than you unfortuantely are a bit spoiled which is my personal problem I guess, but still I think Joplin is a very very great tool already!!!

Here @laurent said something interesting and I am curious to here news about the progression of react native text input. Where there any useful improvements since March?

BTW this thread also discusses the same feature request: Feature Request: List continuation on mobile

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As the OP of the topic linked to as the same feature request, I want to say that just wanting some markdown magic like list continuation is a long way from wanting a full wysiwyg editor. Taking full advantage of markdown is what makes Joplin better than the hundreds of other note taking options that use wysiwyg IMO.

For most formatting, just typing the markdown characters on my keyboard is as accessible as a formatting toolbar would be, without all the wonkiness to wrestle with of selection ranges and auto closing.

I put list continuation in its own category here as it does not require adding a toolbar to the screen and doesn’t involve matching closing marks. I personally do not want full wysiwyg

Hi @themightychris,
Well, I have to admit that personally at this point: I do not care wheater wysiwyg or a helpful toolbar is the way to go. What I am trying to say is that the mobile text editor is nor a proper markdown editor nor is it wysiwig, IMHO it is way to basic and this (again IMHO) should be improved. Personally I think editing markdown on my iphone is a PITA and for that reason I just put in plain text and edit it later in the Desktop App. This cannot be the way. The only thing where I use markdown on mobile is easy stuff like bullet lists. writing a * is not to much for me :wink: But as you already pointed out, typing checkboxes really is a lot of work on a mobile. Also I would appreciated behaviour like "mark some words" - press bold/underline/hyperlink/etc. button - marked text is bold/hyperlink/etc. same as on desktop client - this would be such a usability gain and would also be usable without a toolbar.

Still my question to the developers remains, I am curious: Is the used (buggy?) react native (default?) text input (text area?) component the problem/holding you back from realizing features as discussed here ("do something with marked text", "implement toolbar")?

AFAIK, yes.

But @laurent can give you a definitive answer.

I would like the mobile editor to be like Evernote were you can easily bold text, create checkboxes just like on the desktop version. This will make mobile feel better for those who are not tech savvy and prefer editors over markdown.


This is needed on Android and iOS. I would like to have a user friendly option to adding things to my notes without using markdown. Please add an option to enable a user friendly UI editor.


Markdown on iOS is painful, please add an optional editor.


Same for Android, please add a setting to enable a user friendly editor

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Yes, please @chand come up with one. We’d love to add a great editor for mobile.



We currently do not have a replacement for the native text editor on mobile. The reason: none exists!
Therefore telling us over and over to change the editor on mobile is futile.

Unless you know a working editor for mobile, please stop posting these irritating comments.

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Those apps: fsnotes, mweb (on iOS) seemed to have a mobile editor (or is it just a toolbar added, I don’t know). fsnotes is an open project on github (, but it appears to be developed with swift, for mac os and ios only. mweb has no more repository on github, but on its website ( it seems to be developed for mac os and ios only too.
Don’t know if it helps…

Those are native apps, but we are using react-native. I wish there was something we could use.

how about

haven’t update for a while though

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How about we make one? I mean, If the contributors could develop something like Joplin, I’m sure they can make something like a simple Markdown editor for Mobile.

I’ll try looking into it and see how hard it is to implement.


Please do, this will make Joplin easy to use on Mobile with all of its text editor features.


I would like the mobile editor to be like Evernote

That will be slick and very user friendly

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