Week 5 (First Evaluation)

Hello everyone, this is 5th week (July 5 - July 12) into development of paste special plugin, and fortunately first evaluation is around.

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In the last week, first working version of plugin was released :rocket: with the feature of pasting csv as markdown table with great performance and absolutely stable usage. Users of our community tested the plugin with different type of csv data. For the current week, more tests and development related to empty lines and more unique datasets is added. This week was driven by all community review and mentors review. All the work was executed within the schedule and in next few weeks there would be more testing of pasting csv as table feature with constant development and implementation considering all unit testing cases of feature importing csv file as markdown table including UI suggestions by community will take place. This is the submission of first evaluation.

Updated File Link :link:

com.coderrsid.pasteSpecial.jpl (28 KB)

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