WedDAV support - multiple users, different targets


We’d like to use Joplin to share project specific notes with both internal and external users. We have proceeded to expose a collection of WebDAV paths from an Nginx host, and can have tested basic synchronization with Windows client(s).

Q: Is WebDAV safe for multiple concurrent users? I’ve been making a naive assumption that there is some mechanism to mitigate destructive conflicts, etc.

Q: Is the --profile command line switch the only way to support multiple backends on a single client machine?


According to WebDav specs, yes. But of course it also depends on the implementation. But I'm pretty sure the nginx implementation follows the specs.


@jhamell I maintain a webdav-driven multi-site development system that works great as a backend for Joplin. Within one docker container you can create any number of storage sites/drives, register any set of users for each and grant WebDAV write access, and the underlying filesystem is an append-only journal of changes:

You can do some scripting within the site too and expose Joplin content via web UI:

Thank you for the responses.