Sync with Webdav

Hello. i recently started using joplin on my phone and tablet (android) via the app (linux).
My sync runs through my pcloud account via webdav.
It works fine, but I now have 27 files (.md) and one (.json) with only 3 test notes.
Is that correct that this is so many with only 3 notes?
I would like to have these saved to a defined folder in my pcloud. is there any way to define this in the sync preferences?
webdav-url =

Thank you!

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You should create a /Joplin folder and specify it on your webdav url - See help for more details on setting up webDAV/Nextcloud

Be warned that changing it will likely remove your existing notes so you should export them first if you need to save them. See FAQ on changing WebDAV URL

Yes, the sync target is a database of changes and metadata - not simply a store of your notes.

Thank you. I will try it.

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