Syncing with Nextcloud using webdav

Can I have more than one webdav address?
How do I generate it?
Do I need more than one, if I do use more than one Joplin profile?
I have the problem that I got notes from one profile synced into the other

If using nextcloud or webdav you just need to make a new folder and give Joplin that as its sync target.

So my main Joplin profile might be:

But then I might have a separate Joplin profile called "work" so I would make a Joplin_Work dir inside by Nextcloud that this "work" profile uses to sync.

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Thx Mate perfect. It was quite simple.
I did do an .jex export. And import it again after crating a new profile and a new sync target folder for it?
So before I had all my Joplin notes synced with https://myserver/remote.php/webdav now it is https://myserver/remote.php/webdav/files/joplin_work

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